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Resources for Parents

MMTA Webpage for Parents-This is the link for a great resource prepared for parents by the Minnesota Music Teachers Association.  You will find information for How to care for your instrument, Helping your child succeed in music study, some good websites for children, a "Find a Teacher" tab, and information about MMTA Programs.



"A Parent's Guide to Piano Lessons" by James Bastien

"A Parent's Guide to Piano Lessons" by Mary Teel Johnson

"How to get your Child to Practice...Without Resorting to Violence!!" by Cynthia Richards and Jane Dalley

"Sound Choices" by Wilma Machover and Marienne Uszler

"The Ultimate Guide to Piano Lessons: What Every Prospective Student and/or Parent Needs to Know about Piano Lessons, But Didn't Know They Should Ask" by David Mount


Hal Leonard's  "The Parent's Guide to to Effective Practicing"