Megan Gilles Music Studio

Willmar, MN
Phone:  320-220-4006


Quotes received 8/31/2012 Dear Megan, I just want to say a big thank YOU for making time for the MMTA visioning meetings this week. I was really impressed with the dedication, insight, and great ideas in the room! I am looking forward to implementing as many of those ideas and we can this year. I also want to say that I think you are one of our organization's bright, rising stars. You do good work, and the members from your area appreciate your leadership. I hope when you're ready to step into a larger role on the state level, you'll let me know. Thanks for all you do for MMTA, Quotes
Kirsten Leverson
2011-2013 MMTA State President

Quotes Megan, just a belated note to thank you for all your work in putting together the Christopher Norton seminar. With your help it was a very smoothly run and successful endeavor. My students enjoyed it and learned. Quotes
Ron Hagemeyer
Music Teacher Colleague

Quotes received June 16, 2012 Hello Megan I'm back in London and to real life, as you no doubt are. I can't thank you enough for the fantastic effort that you put into making the Willmar Piano Festival such a success. The children really were delightful and so well-behaved and their teachers, yourself included, need to be congratulated for getting it together so quickly. Hopefully we'll work together in 2013. Very best wishes Quotes
Christopher Norton
Composer and Master Teacher

Quotes June 13, 2012 I love Piano! Dear Megan, Thank you for being an awesome piano instructor. I enjoyed playing and learning with you and your beautiful piano. From your student (Katlyn took lessons from me for two years before moving to South Dakota) Quotes
Katlyn K.
Student (moved after Spring 2012 Semester)

Quotes (I worked on organizing and publicizing the Masterclass and Improvisation Class, Recital and Gala Concert for the June 9th and 10th Christopher Norton Workshop.) May 16, 2012 Hi Megan! Just a note to let you know that the total number of students for the Willmar festival is 66! Chris and I want to thank you for your outstanding help in getting teachers excited for the festival! I'll be working on the schedule to get that out to teachers and students soon! Best wishes - Jon Coordinator of the Christopher Norton Project 2012 Quotes
Jon Michael Iverson
Music Teacher Colleague

Quotes "Wow this is going to be very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love these classes I think they really help with the Theory Exam....See you there!!!!!!!!!!" Received in response to an email sent about upcoming MMTA Theory Exam Preparation Classes January 2012 Quotes
Hannah B.

Quotes Thank you for all you do to encourage Hannah musically! You are a blessing. Merry Christmas! (December 2011) Quotes
Hannah B. and Family
Current Student and Family

Quotes Thank you sooooo much for being my piano teacher. Piano is my life and I love it A Lot! Thank you and I hope your Christmas is God Blessed! (December 2011) Quotes
Ellie G.
Current Student

Quotes "You are a Great Teacher!" (December 2011) Quotes
Chasidy B.
Beginner Student

Quotes July 6, 2011 Hi Megan, We so appreciated your time and energy on Friday. You helped us feel very comfortable about the format of our ceremony and also about our music choices. Also, thank you for getting back to me on the music so quickly, I will order them soon so that my siblings will be able to start practicing. We are fortunate to have you helping us. Quotes
Nicole Mammen
happy bride to be